Official Sports Drink on the course and Finish line.

CHANGE TO THE 2021 Marathon & Half Marathon Courses!
We Start & Finish from the Beach!

No Point to Point Courses with a different Start & Finish line! No Shuttle buses!

The 2021 courses for the Marathon & Half Marathon have been changed to feature both a Start & Finish from our traditional beach location.  This has been done for Safety measures to remove the need for Shuttle buses, ease the logistical burden of the event,

reduce city services, and offer a Start/Finish Area we can offer a Distanced and Staggered start.

Please Note, The Marathon course Features a Loop!
Scroll down below for a map of the loop section that Marathon runners
will be completing

The Start & Finish location address for the Marathon/Half Marathon:

Fort Lauderdale Beach Park
1100 Seabreeze Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316


The Staggered Start:

For a Safe and Distanced, Start the Marathon & Half Marathon events will feature a staggered start with groups of 20 runners leaving every 10 seconds.  Masks will be MANDATORY while in the Start line. 

Once you start running, masks can be removed.  But do not throw your mask on the ground and litter! We will be using the ENTIRE Start/Finish area parking lot to distance and spread out the participants.  Please follow directions and

and form an orderly and distanced line.  Start times will be organized on a First Come, First Served basis, but loosely based on Expected Finishing Time.  We do ask that if you are a Walker or slower runner that you do not start towards the front of the line.  The first map below shows our Start Line.  Runners will be spread out between the Green Circle at the north end of the parking lot all the through the south end and up to the Red Circle which is the Start.  We have a ½ Mile to work with to spread everyone.  Again, please follow directions of Staff and volunteers at the Start and Wear your Mask 😉


Course Hours: 

Both the Full and Half Marathon Courses will be open for 6 hours, from 6:00am – 12:00pm.  At 12:00pm, remaining runners/walkers can continue via the sidewalks.  Our Finish Line will be operational until 1:30pm.

We ask that all participants begin to line up in our Staggered Start by 5:20am.  Our event features a Staggered Start.  See above for Details.  The line will be a Fist Come, First Served basis; but it will be organized based on expected Finishing Time.

Runners are asked to find their place in the Line according to their finishing time.  There will be signs in the corral marking the times, i.e. 3:00 hrs., 3:15, hrs., 3:30hrs, etc.