Kids of Love


Our foundation makes a difference in the lives of kids with cancer and other debilitating diseases in our community.

These families are often stressed with extreme financial burdens and emotional hardships. Kids of Love is an advocate for research, awareness for childhood cancer and other childhood debilitating illnesses. We provide a support system for these children and help turn frowns upside down.

“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make a difference.” ~Nelson Mandela

Kids of Love strives to encourage that passion of making a difference in school-age children and young adults. The foundation is designed to help make a difference, no matter how young the volunteer may be. We are a collaboration between adults and children working together to benefit kids in need and help make their lives a little better.

DetermiNation Endurance Series


DetermiNation is the American Cancer Society’s event endurance program, spanning a variety of sports including cycling, running, hiking, yoga, and more. The collective efforts of the dedicated athletes who use their fortitude to help raise funds to take down cancer are nothing short of amazing.

Join DetermiNation and you’re not just participating in an endurance event. You’re pushing yourself to help save lives from cancer. Just like hard work goes into your event training, the American Cancer Society gives it our all through things like breakthrough research, a 24/7 cancer helpline, and free rides to chemo. Together, we’ll tackle every course, rally every community, and stay absolutely relentless in the fight against cancer.

Diabetes Research Institute Foundation


The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation (DRIF) is the organization of choice for those who are serious, passionate, and committed to curing diabetes. Its mission – to provide the Diabetes Research Institute with the funding necessary to cure diabetes now – is a testament to the belief that tomorrow is not soon enough to cure those living with diabetes.

The Diabetes Research Institute has become the world leader it is today through the substantial funding provided by the DRI Foundation. Supported by private philanthropy, the DRIF ensures the jumpstarting of new ideas and the continuation of innovative research projects that remain cure-focused and will ultimately benefit those with diabetes.